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What can a solution provider do to enhance employee retention?

Employee retention often means flexibility on the employer's part -- understanding and accommodating the various needs of key employees rather than simply following blanket employment policies or career paths.

What can a solution provider do to enhance employee retention?

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Paul Myerson is the senior channel analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Listen to more from Paul in our top VAR business concerns podcast

Employee retention should be an important consideration for all employees, not just technical staff. You might think this is a simple notion, but it's worked for me throughout my entire career. Understand things that are important to the individuals (not the employee base as a whole). If you're a bigger organization, your management team should share the same philosophical strategy. Listen to those individual needs and respond in a timely fashion.

Training can play a role in retention, but it really depends on the individual's job within the organization. If they're a technical person, I think training is very important because technical folks love to get their hands dirty with something new, fun and unique. For a seasoned business development professional, training may have far less influence getting them to stay in one place versus another. For someone with aspirations to excel within an organization, have a growth or progression plan in place for them so they can see the goals and objectives and what the end game can be -- though there are typically no guarantees or promises associated with such a plan. Other people are simply content to handle their current jobs on a consistent basis. As a senior manager, your job is to find out what makes them tick. If they want training, map to that. If they have quality-of-life concerns and you want to keep them, map to that also.

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