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What are some valuable lead management lessons for VARs?

Lead management is important, especially as you look to grow your business. Learn some valuable lead generation lessons from a lead management expert.

About the author
Jay Uribe is the co-founder of Mobius Partners, an enterprise VAR based in San Antonio. Listen to the rest of Jay's answers on lead management by downloading our lead management podcast.
I think the lesson that really sticks out for us at Mobius Partners is not to be afraid to pass up a marketing campaign. A lot of your vendors and partners do a lot of business outside your core business. Mobius Partners has a core business, and that's enterprise solutions. We do do some desktops, but our focus is on the management of enterprise solutions from the infrastructure standpoint -- storage, the servers, things like that. But your vendors give you opportunities to go to market with these marketing campaigns, and they throw marketing funds, and a lot of resellers will jump at the opportunity because they're offering marketing dollars. But it will be outside their core business. If you just stay focused on what your core business is, you'll be a lot more successful with those marketing programs that you go to market with.

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