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What are some good starting points for a VAR that wants to pursue VMware security offerings?

Get a sense of the VMware security market and the opportunities available for VARs offering virtualization security services.

VMware does not offer any products yet to specifically secure its platform. However, VMware has the VMware Security Center on its Web site, which offers white papers, security bulletins and more.

The more interesting aspect to VMware security is the fact that there are not many companies addressing virtualization-specific security concerns yet. Blue Lane Technologies Virtual Shield is the only product that I am aware of that specifically deals with virtual machine threat remediation. The software works by discovering your pool of virtual servers, including their application and protocols, and taking necessary steps to protect unpatched servers.

Learning this technology, and being able to provide a proven security solution based on it, could provide a head start for a VAR that wishes to specialize more in virtual security or provide virtual security as part of a larger package. When competing products do arrive, it would be nice to say that you have been in the game the longest.

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