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What are best practices for virtual server migration?

Learn how to migrate virtual servers so applications dependent on a failed blade will be presented seamlessly to a blade that's working properly.

Q: How should virtual server migration between the enclosures be handled?

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Martin MacLeod is an IT consultant based in London with several years' experience deploying and supporting blade servers in volume. He also blogs at, where he tracks news on blade servers, grids and virtualization. Listen to the rest of Martin's answers on blade server virtualization by downloading our blade server virtualization podcast.

You can migrate the virtual machines between blade servers between enclosures using tools like VMotion. What it's going to depend on is that the SANs are presented and the network's presented to the different blade servers, so you've got a transparent service viewpoint to the end user. That should be able to transfer blade server one in enclosure A to blade server two in enclosure C. For virtual server migration you need to make sure that the logical components -- the network, the SAN -- are in place to do so.

This was last published in February 2008

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