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What about disaster recovery plans beyond the data center?

Disaster recovery needs and capabilities exist beyond the data center. Learn about disaster recovery plans beyond just recovering data.

Q: What about disaster recovery plans beyond the data center?

I think that disaster recovery beyond the data center is one of the key things that people really should consider when building out a disaster recovery plan. For the longest time most companies have really thought of disaster recovery as being data-related. They tend to back up everything they need and have it stored off-site so they can recover the data.

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Bob Laliberte is an analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. He focuses on storage management software, infrastructure, professional services and business continuity. Listen to Bob's answers on data recovery by downloading his disaster recovery services FAQ podcast.

But disaster recovery is really a lot more than just recovering data. It's about how you recover your operations, and part of your operations is also related to people. When you're thinking about your disaster recovery plan, you really need to think, in addition to the data and technology aspect, about how your employees are going to be able to access those applications so they can continue working. In many cases, when you're thinking of secondary sites and recovery sites, you also want to think about whether you have places for your employees to go and work by having access to those applications and having the ability to communicate.

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