VPNs: Top five Ask the Expert Q&As

Virtual private network (VPN) troubleshooting and installation can cause some problems for you and your customer. Read these top five Ask the Expert Q&As, and get some sound advice on implementing VPNs, compatibility with different version of Windows and overall VPN maintenance.

VPN troubleshooting and installation are pressing topics when it comes to asking our expert, Jon Snader, for advice. Check out our most visited expert responses and get some sound advice on implementing VPNs, compatibility with different version of Windows and overall maintenance. Don't see an answer to your question? Submit it to Jon.

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PPTP-VPN connectivity problems with Windows XP SP2
While Windows 2000 and Windows XP may work well with PPTP-VPNs, Windows XP SP2 can cause connectivity problems. Learn how our expert deals with this problem and offers advice to strengthen your PPTP-VPN.

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Split-tunneling with a VPN
Some VPN clients can connect well internally but have problems connecting to the Internet. Learn whether or not split tunneling will solve this problem and if it's the right choice for your customer.

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VPN resources for resellers
Learn more about VPN, including installation, equipment and security

Outlook 2000 connectivity problems over a VPN
Outlook 2000 can sometimes have issues, such as freezing, when connecting over a VPN. Our expert gives general advice on reconfiguring the MTU on the interface and preventing these disconnection problems.

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Troubleshooting a VPN that won't connect over ADSL
Some companies connect over ADSL using VPNs. What should you do if the VPN unexpectedly fails, leaving your customer's office without a connection? Our expert offers tips on how to diagnose the cause of the VPN failure and solve the problem from there.

ASK THE EXPERT #5-----------------------------------------------------------------------

IPsec vs. SSL VPNs: Choosing the best virtual private network for your customer
It's not always clear which way to go when deciding on a VPN for your customer. In this expert Q&A, learn the differences between IPsec and SSL VPNs, and how to decide which one is right for your customer, depending on their needs.

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