Unix-to-Linux migration benefits

Linux migration is an appealing option to some Unix customers looking to upgrade and save money. Get additional benefits of a Unix-to-Linux migration.

Customers who want to update outdated operating systems or replace unreliable servers may seek a Linux server migration, which would also give them the opportunity to modernize. As a VAR or systems integrator, consider offering bundled products and services to get their systems up to snuff.

For those who are spending a great deal of money on hardware, software, licenses, maintenance and storage, a migration to Linux may allow them to save a considerable amount of money. You can help them justify the server migration by demonstrating cost savings.

For example, say your customer hosts a large Sun shop and you think they may be able to save millions by consolidating and migrating to IBM. You know that IBM POWER5 supports both Unix (IBM's AIX) and Linux (RHEL4 and SLES9) on the same server, so you would have more options at your disposal than by staying with Sun or migrating to Hewlett-Packard. You could offer help migrating to Linux and running Linux on this hardware.

Furthermore, new management may start looking to new vendors and technologies in an attempt to make his or her mark on the company. That may mean time for a Linux migration.

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Unix-to-Linux migration considerations

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