Top storage tips for solution providers from 2009

As 2009 winds down, we've put together a collection of the top storage tips for solution providers published in the past year. Check out these 10 tips on a variety of storage topics.

It's the end of 2009, and time for a look back at the tips topics that resonated most with readers this year. Here are's top five tips for VARs. Read on for advice on whether NFS makes sense as a storage protocol for VMware, tape vs. cloud and tape vs. other low-cost data backup methods, out-of-space problems on NetApp replicated volumes, and developing cloud data backup services.

TIP NO. 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------

VMware storage protocol decision: Why not NFS?
Choosing the right storage protocol for VMware isn't a no-brainer, even though the file-based nature of NAS/NFS might make it seem so. Find out what the key considerations should be when guiding customers toward a storage protocol.

TIP NO. 2-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Tape drive autoloader vs. cloud backup
Your customers might be considering buying a tape drive autoloader, but before they decide to upgrade their tape hardware, it's worth considering whether they're ready to abandon tape for cloud backup.

TIP NO. 3-----------------------------------------------------------------------

How to solve out-of-space problems on NetApp replicated volumes
Running out of space on a NetApp replicated volume is a dicey situation to be in. Find out how one solution provider solved the problem for his customer, using a lot of trial and error.

TIP NO. 4-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Two inroads to cloud data backup services
Beyond hosting your own cloud data backup services or helping customers implement it, there are two other good ways to get involved in cloud data backup services.

TIP NO. 5-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Low-cost disk backup vs. tape
Learn how two low-cost approaches to disk backup -- power-managed disk and deduplication appliances -- can enable your customers to lessen their reliance on tape backup.

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