Top security tips for solutions providers

Get the top five security tips of the first half of 2008, as chosen by readers.

If there's anything that security VARs crave, it's expert tips that help make their jobs easier. Out of the dozens of tips we've posted since the beginning of the year, five have resonated the most with readers. Here are's top five tips for VARs. Read on for advice on Netstat, Nmap, Snort, ethical hacking and Nessus.

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Use Netstat to determine which ports to open on a Windows firewall
When troubleshooting a Windows XP firewall, the solution is often simply opening the right firewall port. But what port should you open? This tip walks you through using Netstat to identify which firewall port an application uses.

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Nmap Tutorial: How to use the open source network scanner
This Nmap guide for VARs and consultants includes advice on installation, configuration, scanning best practices, organizing information and selling the value of the open source tool to customers.

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How to test Snort
As a value-added reseller or service provider, you may need to test Snort to ensure that the open source IDS is detecting malicious activity on your client's network or to determine how the custom rule you wrote will impact Snort's performance. Learn best practices for testing Snort in this edition of Snort Report by intrusion detection expert Richard Bejtlich.

TIP #4-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Network penetration testing: Ethical hacking tools and techniques
Value-added resellers (VARs) and security consultants learn about the ethical hacking tools and techniques they need to run an efficient network penetration test, including information gathering, port and vulnerability scanning, and password cracking.

TIP #5-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Nessus Tutorial: Using the open source vulnerability scanning tool
This guide will help VARs and security consultants with the basics of Nessus -- a robust, free vulnerability scanning tool that fits your budget and matches commercial product feature sets. Use this expert step-by-step guidance to learn everything from installation and configuration techniques, to running a scan, to managing reports and interpreting results.

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