Top networking tips for solution providers

Get the top five networking tips of the first half of 2008, as chosen by readers.

If there's anything that networking VARs crave, it's expert tips that help make their jobs easier. Out of the dozens of tips has posted since the beginning of the year, five have resonated the most with readers. Read on for advice on calculating network bandwidth, troubleshooting a WLAN, assigning an IP address, setting up a Vista VPN and network documentation.

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Calculating bandwidth on customer networks
When it comes to designing and maintaining a LAN or a WAN, it's vital to determine how much bandwidth network applications require. Learn how to calculate bandwidth when designing a network for customers to ensure that the network can handle the workload users are putting on it.

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Channel Checklist: Top five tools for troubleshooting a WLAN
Customers with WLAN connectivity problems are quick to place blame on airwaves. Service providers know the problem may run deeper. These five WLAN tools will help you investigate the problem and find the real culprit.

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Assigning an IP address ending in .0 or .255
Subnetting and IP addressing can be difficult if you don't understand network theory. This tip explains the network theory behind IP addressing so that you can understand why, in most cases, IP addresses shouldn't end in .0 or.255.

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VPN setup guide: How to set up a Windows Vista VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) can be extremely useful to your customers, but the process of setting up a VPN can be somewhat complicated. Learn how to set up a VPN using Microsoft Vista and Windows 2008 servers with this step-by-step tutorial. Or print out the guide and take it to your customer's site.

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Network documentation: How to realize its benefits
A thorough network documentation has several payoffs. Learn what to include in the documentation of your customers' networks to reap these benefits.

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