Top five networking tips for resellers: Network administration

Simplify network administration tasks with these tips.

Network administration tasks such as Windows VPN troubleshooting and network documentation may not be the most exciting part of your consulting engagements, but they can be made easier with these tips deemed most popular by SearchNetworkingChannel readers in May.

1. TCPdump: Auditing network traffic
When analyzing actual network packets, TCPdump is a must-have tool. This tip explains how value-added resellers can audit their customer's network traffic with this open source network application.

2. Windows VPN client side connection troubleshooting
This tip discusses several techniques for troubleshooting a Windows 2000 VPN connection on the client side.

3. Network documentation: How to realize its benefits
Creating network documentation is probably the least glamorous (and least exciting) part of any consulting project. However, thorough network documentation has several payoffs. Learn what to include in the documentation of your customers' networks to reap these benefits.

4. IPAM tools: Beyond IP address management
Managing IP addresses in a TCP/IP network can be a daunting task as an organization grows. This tip discusses the basic functions of IP address management (IPAM) tools, as well as features and extras to look for when integrating an IPAM tool into an existing IP infrastructure.

5. Designing a network topology
Designing a network topology is the first step in the logical design phase. This chapter, from Priscilla Oppenheimer's Top-Down Network Design, explains how to prepare secure, redundant, hierarchical topologies.

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