Top five VoIP tips for service providers

VoIP is in high-demand but requires significant legwork from VARs and SIs, as it is subject to the rules of the Internet. Here are's top five tips for VoIP service providers, including advice from basic setup to advanced security encryption.

Having problems getting your VoIP projects off the ground? You're not alone. Our most popular voice over IP tips on SearchNetworkingChannel are related to pre-deployment assessment and planning. Read these top five tips and improve your VoIP deployment process. These tips will help with learning what network equipment to use, how to keep a business VoIP network safe, understanding new VoIP features and more.

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Planning the network: The big picture
For a network migration from PBX to VoIP to be successful, it must look to the long-term, such as remaining cost-efficient over the entire lifecycle of the equipment. VoIP providers must decide if the network migration should move to full VoIP or a VoIP/HBX hybrid, as well as other key decisions. This tip offers advice on how to plan ahead and make the important decisions regarding the jump from traditional PBX to VoIP.

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VoIP services: A clarification
A better understanding of IP telephony, VoIP and its services will help you understand the pros and cons of moving your customer to a voice data service. This tip examines call control, toll-bypass and connectivity to PSTN; some of the more common, though lesser-understood, issues to be considered.

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VoIP feature selection
For systems integrators and value-added resellers, helping a customer select features for their new VoIP system can be a difficult task. This tip offers a method of categorizing features dependent on the needs of each specific customer, from call waiting to security to mobility.

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VoIP migration made simple with hybrid PBXs
VoIP offers businesses numerous benefits over traditional PBX phone systems.

VoIP questions not answered?
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 However, systems integrators and value-added resellers may have a hard time convincing customers to tear out an existing phone system. Here we learn about the hybrid PBX option that eases the cost and difficulty of the transition from traditional phones to VoIP.

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Selling VoIP network readiness projects
Many value-added resellers and systems integrators offer VoIP site assessments free of charge, at the risk of losing business to competitors. This tip explains how to provide a higher-quality assessment that customers will be willing to pay for.

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