Top five Linux Ask the Experts questions

Want your share of the growing open source market? Boost your knowledge and get one step closer to greater Linux revenue by checking out the top five questions service providers have asked our Linux expert, Ken Milberg.

About a third of integrators and value-added resellers traced a portion of their 2006 revenues to open source systems, according to stats from IDC's Open Source Software Business Strategies group. With the global open source market expected to jump from $1.8 billion in 2006 to $5.8 billion by 2011, service provider revenue from open source software stands to see a corresponding increase. So, how do you make sure you get a piece of that increase, even in a recessionary environment? One way is to immerse yourself in the key questions your peers have asked about Linux. Check out our top five Linux Ask the Experts columns for advice on Xen vs. VMware, Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat, Linux server virtualization and partnering Portland 1.0 with Linux.

QUESTION #1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Which is best for Linux server virtualization, Xen or VMware?

Xen and VMware both have different effects on Linux server virtualization; VARs can determine which is best for the customer by understanding their infrastructure. Read more about the differences between Xen and VMware.

QUESTION #2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Will Feisty Fawn affect VARs who are implementing Linux server virtualization?

Ubuntu Linux 7.04 has made installation easier for VARs and may affect the virtualization market. Learn more about what Ubuntu's Feisty Fawn offers.

QUESTION #3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Linux server virtualization -- When is it appropriate?

Linux server virtualization can be useful to the right shop, but may not always be the best solution VARs can offer. Learn more about assessing Linux server virtualization for your customers.

QUESTION #4--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

More on Linux
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My client is torn between the Red Hat support package and Ubuntu. Why should my customer pay for a distro when I can get a free one like Ubuntu?

Linux offers its users many different choices when installing the software. Choosing the right package for your client isn't something VARs should stumble into blindly. Find out how to make the right choice.

QUESTION #5--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How does the Portland interface simplify my client's Linux desktop offerings?

Portland, a set of common interfaces for GNOME and KDE desktops, is designed to help the adoption of Linux to the desktop. Learn how you can use it to make Linux a more attractive option for your customers.

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Hi ! I have a question, what is the reason behind linux advanced security system?