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Top Citrix XenServer 5.5 management resources

These useful Citrix XenServer 5.5 resources provide information on XenServer tools, hardware requirements and features, including Active Directory integration and VirtualIQ Pro.

Reading through these top XenServer 5.5 management resources will make you an expert on all of Citrix XenServer's latest tools, hardware and features. Learn about new features, such as Active Directory integration, and find out how role-based access can make solutions providers' day-to-day tasks easier.

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XenServer 5.5 third-party tools are often found to be valuable to solutions providers, and tools such as VirtualIQ Pro or Hyperic HQ can make management and implementation an easier process. Managing XenServer 5.5 does prove tedious at times, but there are resources in this list that show how using XenServer can simplify your workload and enhance your service offerings.

  1. XenServer 5.5 third-party tools for management and implementation
  2. Solutions providers will find these XenServer 5.5 third-party tools useful when XenServer 5.5's management tool can't provide the capabilities your customers are looking for. This tip includes information on tools such as ToutVirtual's VirtualIQ Pro and Hyperic's HQ tool. VirtualIQ Pro designs and deploys virtual machines (VMs) in customers' environments. Hyperic's HQ tool serves as a monitor for large environments, including servers on XenServer or database servers. Also find out about Novell's PlateSpin tool, which provides assistance with VM migration.

  3. Citrix adds Active Directory integration to XenServer 5.5
  4. XenServer 5.5's Active Directory integration is widely considered the most appealing new feature for enterprises. Active Directory integration allows role-based access to be assigned to users and groups through user account provisioning. Read through the steps for proper XenServer 5.5 management and configuration and find out about other noteworthy XenServer features, including enhanced storage and hardware compatibility.

  5. Citrix releases free XenServer 5.5 server virtualization software
  6. The release of XenServer 5.5 virtualization software comes at a user-friendly price -- free! Besides XenServer's new Active Directory integration feature and luring price tag (or lack thereof), XenConvert is another new feature that has kept solutions providers buzzing. XenConvert allows you to migrate VMs from VMware's Virtual Machine Disk format to the Virtual Hard Disk format that Citrix and Microsoft use.

  7. Citrix fills gap with XenServer Active Directory support
  8. Solutions providers that had been pining for role-based access control have found that XenServer 5.5 Active Directory integration fills that need and has sparked enterprise adoption. Workload performance and XenServer 5.5 management will be affected greatly now that XenServer can handle different types of workloads. In an attempt to broaden XenServer 5.5 adoption, Citrix has also added support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and has enhanced third-party storage integration.

  9. Citrix XenServer 5.5 hardware requirements
  10. Because XenServer 5.5 uses paravirtualization, figuring out XenServer's hardware requirements can be a challenging task. Do you know how many gigahertz your customer's physical CPU requires when it's running multiple machines? Knowing the amount of gigahertz needed for a virtual host or how much RAM is required is necessary for ensuring sufficient storage. The size of your customer's network card is also important, and this tip helps ensure that your customers meet XenServer 5.5's hardware requirements.

  11. Managing XenServer 5.5 resources with XenCenter 5.5
  12. Knowing the ins and outs of XenServer 5.5 management makes it much easier for solutions providers to maximize XenServer performance. After installing XenServer 5.5, you can create a new VM and install a virtual host. After you install the virtual host, use the information in this tip to learn how to manage and monitor VMs and gain a greater understanding of how a virtual machine fits into the network. Having a thorough knowledge of this process is key for providing the best XenServer management services to your customers.

  13. Citrix XenServer 5.5 gains parity with VMware
  14. From features such as Active Directory integration to shared functionality and integrated security, this expert question and answer session explains how XenServer 5.5 is gaining parity with VMware. Mixing the VMware and Citrix platforms is also discussed, and you'll find out why licensing costs are a critical consideration when combining these platforms. Take a look at how XenServer's XenCenter works and how it fits into the implementation process.

  15. FAQ: New Citrix XenServer 5.5 features
  16. This FAQ podcast dives into a few of Citrix XenServer 5.5's new features and how they fit into your customers plans. You'll learn that Active Directory integration gives solutions providers more control over VM access and that it is an integral part of the hypervisor. But there are other key features you should pay attention to as well. Workload balancing helps optimize performance, and snapshot support helps your users manage snapshots inside XenCenter. Find out more about these features, what hardware XenServer supports and whether XenServer can meet your customers' needs.

  17. Data storage vendors work on integration with Citrix Systems' XenServer
  18. Find out which XenServer 5.5 data storage products will give you the least number of compatibility issues. Citrix's Ready Open Storage Program uses StorageLink to boost XenServer adoption, but storage is still a top challenge in virtual server environments. Take a look at why Citrix thinks it is ahead of its competitors.

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