Top 10 storage tips for solution providers from 2008

As 2008 winds down, we've put together a collection of the top storage tips for solution providers published in the past year. Check out these 10 tips on a variety of storage topics, from backup to cloud computing.

It's been a busy year for storage professionals. The amount of data to be stored keeps growing, while companies try to keep IT costs down in the economic downturn. And now with the emphasis on "green" IT, data storage is being scrutinized more than ever. We've collected our top 10 storage tips from the past year, organized for your convenience. For more great tips for storage solution providers, check out our full tips collection.

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Optimizing iSCSI SANs with the right Ethernet switch: Choosing the wrong Ethernet switch can hamper future SAN growth. Find out what factors you should take into consideration when selecting an Ethernet switch.

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Capacity planning and management tools create service opportunities: Learn how to build ongoing, profitable relationships with customers using capacity planning and management tools to maximize the value they get out of their IT resources.

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Virtual machine backup best practices: With virtual machines (VMs) rising in popularity, service providers should learn best practices for virtual machine backup and ensure proper data protection.

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Flash-based solid-state disk vs. DRAM-based solid-state disk: The solid-state disk market isn't new, but there were a number of new approaches to it this year. Find out which makes the most sense for customers -- flash-based solid-state disk or DRAM-based solid-state disk -- and what the key supplier concerns are.

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iSCSI, FCoE or InfiniBand for storage networking?: While iSCSI is clearly emerging as the storage networking protocol of choice for SMBs, the choice for enterprises isn't so clear-cut. Learn the pros and cons of iSCSI, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Infiniband and find out which is the best fit for your larger customers.

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Affordable tiered storage via data deduplication services: Learn how data deduplication and disk-based archiving can be combined to achieve affordable tiered storage, with multiple service entry points for service providers.

TIP #7------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Host-based vs. VTL vs. NAS data deduplication: Leveraging data deduplication can maximize your clients' storage capabilities. Learn how to choose the right data deduplication technology to meet your clients' storage needs.

TIP #8------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cloud storage services options: Resellers wondering how to respond to customer inquiries around cloud storage have four options to consider: ignore it, become an agent, set up cloud services for customers or offer their own cloud storage services.

TIP #9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Effective remote backup with data deduplication: Find out how data deduplication in remote offices allows service providers to offer customers a more effective remote data backup strategy.

TIP #10----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Backup window reduction methods: Customers struggling to meet their backup windows have a number of choices to cut their data at the source. Learn how to help a customer decide which of the three options is best suited for them.

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