Top 10 networking tips for solution providers of 2008

Read the top 10 networking tips as chosen by our solution provider readers, covering topics such as maximizing WLAN performance, network troubleshooting and calculating bandwidth.

We've sorted through the numbers to compile a list of's most popular networking tips of 2008. Find out what was hot this year for networking solution providers and expand your knowledge on topics like Wireshark and Tshark display filters, DNS troubleshooting, maximizing WLAN performance and more.

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Using Wireshark and Tshark display filters for troubleshooting
Display filters can be used to analyze different types of network traffic. In this Traffic Talk tip, Richard Bejtlich explains how to use Wireshark and Tshark display filters for security and network troubleshooting.

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Calculating bandwidth on customer networks
When it comes to designing and maintaining a LAN or WAN, it's vital to determine how much bandwidth network applications require. Learn how to calculate bandwidth when designing a network for customers to ensure that it can handle the users' workload.

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How to configure wireless access points
A crucial part of any WLAN installation is configuring wireless access points. Learn which configuration options are best for your customers.

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Channel Checklist: Top five tools for troubleshooting a WLAN
Customers with WLAN connectivity problems are quick to place blame on airwaves. Service providers know the problem may run deeper. These five WLAN tools will help you investigate the problem and find the real culprit.

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DNS troubleshooting and analysis
This edition of Traffic Talk takes a look at the Domain Name System (DNS), the mechanism that translates IP addresses to hostnames and back, plus a slew of other functions. Learn how to identify problems with DNS records and learn more about DNS servers themselves to ensure the protection and secure operation of your clients' websites.

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How to extend your client's wireless access point range
Some WLAN installations require multiple access points. But before you install more WLAN access points, use these steps to determine how you can extend the wireless access point range of the current devices.

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How to use an RF site survey for WLAN installations
An RF site survey is essential for smooth WLAN installations at a client site. Use these tips to determine whether a basic or advanced RF site survey is best suited to a given project.

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How to maximize WLAN performance
With greater demands being placed on WLANs, learn what you can do to improve WLAN performance for your clients, such as choosing the right physical layer and properly setting access point channels.

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Network disaster recovery planning: A service opportunity
Comprehensive network disaster recovery planning includes anticipating, preparing for and recovering from a variety of potential disasters. Learn how to help customers by offering a range of network disaster recovery planning services.

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Choosing network equipment vendors: Multi-vendor vs. single-source
A plethora of network equipment vendors means that you have limitless solution offerings at your disposal. Do you specialize in one vendor or create multi-vendor partnerships? Learn the pros and cons of supplementing your tier one vendor partner offerings with those from niche players.

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