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Top 10 Microsoft SharePoint implementation and deployment resources

This Microsoft Office SharePoint cheat sheet features tutorials, tips, study guides and podcasts that will help you become an expert in MOSS implementation and deployment.

When implementing and deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint, solutions providers need to know what the common issues are and how to address them. This cheat sheet features our top 10 picks for tutorials, tips, webcasts, podcasts, study guides and articles on how to become an expert advisor to your clients. Learn how to handle every step of the implementation and deployment process, including system assessments, licensing, third-party tools, governance documents and best practices.

  1. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server tutorial
    This tutorial features podcasts, webcasts and a video that teaches solutions providers about the tools and technologies needed for successful Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) Server deployment.

  2. SharePoint security, governance need attention in most deployments
    Learn about the security policies, compliance, third-party tools and governance guidelines that must be in place to ensure smooth implementation and deployment.

  3. SharePoint study guide
    Test your knowledge of SharePoint with a quiz and take advantage of more resources on implementing, documentation management, backup, disaster and recovery.

  4. SharePoint implementation best practices
    Learn about the several stages of SharePoint implementation, including assessment of infrastructure, the discovery phase and planning topology and taxonomy.

  5. Customizing SharePoint with third-party applications and Web Parts
    Find out what you should know before bringing customized applications into an environment and how you can categorize third-party tools according to customers' needs.

  6. SharePoint e-zine: Practical IT strategies for enterprise collaboration
    Each issue of this monthly SharePoint e-zine is full of articles and tips on key SharePoint deployment issues including governance, management and implementation. Read previous e-zine issues and become an expert.

  7. Creating a SharePoint governance document
    Learn about the anatomy of a MOSS governance document, why it's necessary to have one and how to be sure it's a good fit for an organization.

  8. Rookie mistakes to avoid during the SharePoint implementation process
    Read about common mistakes that companies make when implementing SharePoint and how you can avoid these errors and save your clients' money.

  9. SharePoint training
    Find out which roles in SharePoint implementation require the most training and what you need to do to educate your client's staff during the deployment phase.

  10. Microsoft Office licensing for Exchange and SharePoint servers
    Learn how MOSS 2007 licensing issues differ from other Microsoft server products and how to get around common setbacks.

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