Tech Buyer Snapshots: Selling technology in the channel

Understand your customers' top priorities behind a range of technology purchases. This guide of "Tech Buyer Snapshots" will help you identify important purchasing drivers, product features and more.

On SearchITChannel, we regularly publish a series called "Tech Buyer Snapshot," a presentation of survey data around buyer intentions. Each installment focuses on a particular technology, such as big data tools and hardware, firewall products and mobile device management software, and clues channel partners in to why their customers are in the market for the technology and what product features they're looking for. By reviewing the data points, partners can refine their strategies for selling technology and inform their approach to their technology discussions with customers. Browse the Tech Buyer Snapshots below for fresh insight into the IT purchasing process.

Solid-state/flash storage

Rethink your sales strategy to address your customers' top pain points, such as I/O performance and growth of overall storage. In addition to customer challenges, this installment of Tech Buyer Snapshot explores the top-rated features of solid-state/flash storage technology and whether customers prefer to purchase through the channel or directly from vendors. George Crump, chief steward of Storage Switzerland, shares his thoughts.

Solid-state/flash storage technology: Customer insight

WLAN access points

Get tips to help you sell WLAN access points (APs). In this installment of Tech Buyer Snapshot, we show you the top drivers behind AP purchases, why customers are upgrading to the 802.11ac standard and the product features that buyers rate as most important. WLAN experts Lisa Phifer and Ramon Thomas provide market insight.

Wireless network technology: Tips for selling access points

Desktop virtualization software

Industry experts say the market for desktop virtualization technology is expanding. In this installment, we drill into customer survey data and showcase the top purchasing drivers, the most desired features of desktop virtualization software, and the pain points and challenges that your customers experience. Virtualization pro Joe Brown and SMB market expert Anurag Agrawal weigh in with market insight and advice for channel partners.

Tech Buyer Snapshot: How to sell desktop virtualization software

Big data technology

In this Tech Buyer Snapshot, we offer insight into tech buyers' big data projects and technology needs. In our survey of 329 North American IT professionals, we ascertained the primary goals of big data initiatives as well as the most common pain points and challenges. We also asked survey takers to indicate how they intended to buy tools and hardware for their big data project, whether through the IT channel or directly from vendors. Phil Shelley, president of big data consultancy Newton Park Partners, gives his thoughts on where the opportunities are (and aren't) for the channel.

Tech Buyer Snapshot: Capturing the big data market

Virtualization server management

Explore software for virtualization server management (VSM) in this Tech Buyer Snapshot. We highlight a variety of factors that shape the IT purchasing process for VSM software, including the top procurement drivers and the most important product features. The slideshow concludes by uncovering the common criteria that tech buyers use for selecting VSM vendors.

Tech Buyer Snapshot: Tips for selling VSM software

Mobile device and application management

We examine the reselling opportunities in the mobility market around mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) products. Eric Klein, senior analyst for mobile software at VDC Research, weighs in on the advantages of system integrators in the mobility market. Other highlights include the primary drivers behind tech buyers' mobility projects/upgrades and the top-ranked MDM and MAM features.

Tech Buyer Snapshot: MDM and MAM customer preferences

Network firewalls

This installment reveals useful information for selling firewall technology. We asked survey respondents a number of questions, such as which type of firewall they plan to purchase and which firewall features their organizations need most, to get a clear sense of their purchasing criteria. Learn what customers are looking for: It could turn your next discussion about network firewalls into a sale.

Tech Buyer Snapshot: Top firewall purchasing decision factors

Public cloud services

Find out your customers' top concerns when selecting public cloud services. We offer insight into the main drivers behind tech buyers' public cloud implementations, including cost savings and the need for elasticity, as well as the reasons behind customers' public cloud apprehensions. Customers also ranked which product attributes they found most appealing.

Tech Buyer Snapshot: Your customers' public cloud priorities

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