Systems products to pay attention to

Discover what experts, readers and TechTarget editors deemed the most noteworthy systems products of 2007.

Systems service providers are always on the lookout for new products to add to their line cards, but separating the new and innovative products from the also-rans can be difficult and time-consuming. Now a number of TechTarget sites have joined forces to make your job easier. These sites have brought together editors, analysts, consultants, resellers and users to choose leading systems products that you'll want to consider as you look for best-of-breed solutions to fill client needs.

Top systems products
  Windows hardware and software
  Data center
  CRM and call center
  Data management

Top Windows hardware and software management tools,,, and spent four months gathering and organizing a showcase of new products to help manage Windows hardware and software. Look here to find new products for Windows IT management, Windows systems management, Windows security, Exchange and SQL Server. Some of their top picks include:

  • OnDemand Desktop 2.0 (desktop management)
  • ChangeAuditor 4.0 (systems management)
  • System x Enterprise Servers (server hardware)
  • SofTrack for Windows (anti-X security)
  • CORE IMPACT v7 (vulnerability assessment)

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Top data center tools

The best data center tools were chosen by's editors and judges. The products they picked came from editors and contributors, based on nominations from vendors and users. The judges chose the best products in eight categories: data center backup power, data center cooling, capacity and power management tools, data center automation tools, small servers (four processors and under), large servers (multi-processor systems), CMDB and provisioning, and performance management tools. Some of the top products included:

  • Upsite Temperature Strip (data center cooling)
  • Veritas Server Foundation (data center automation tools)
  • CA CMDB r11.1 (CMDB and provisioning)
  • NetIQ's AppManager 7 (performance management tools)

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Top CRM and call center products selected the best CRM and call center products in eight different categories: CRM suite -- enterprise; CRM suite -- small, midmarket; call center suite; call center -- workforce optimization; call center -- speech analytics; marketing automation; online service and sales force automation. solicited nominations from vendors, scoured the market for products to nominate and recruited a panel of judges. That panel was comprised of 13 independent industry experts and analysts, CRM professionals, and editors. Some of the gold award-winning products included:

  • RightNow 8.2 (CRM suite -- enterprise)
  • Verint Witness Impact 360 (call center -- workforce optimization)
  • Eloqua Conversion Suite -- Winter 07 (marketing automation)
  • Salesforce SFA (sales force automation)

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Top data management products put together a panel of experts to examine 31 of the top data management products to determine the "best of the best" in these key markets: analytics and business intelligence, data integration, data quality, and data warehouses. The silver award winners were:

  • Analytics and business intelligence: Actuate Corp., Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet
  • Data quality: Datanomic, dn:Director 6.1
  • Data integration: IBM, IBM Information Server v.8.0 and Initiate Systems--Initiate Master Data Service 8.0
  • Data warehouses: Dataupia, Dataupia Satori Server 12000

And the gold award winners are...

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