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Storage backup vendors

Use our Partner Program Directory to choose a storage backup vendor partner. Whether you are looking for a new partner program or want to see what your competition's partner programs are like, our easy-to-read checklists will help you weigh the benefits of various programs.

Choosing a storage backup vendor partner is a strategic decision that could have a big impact on the success or failure of your business. Even if you're established in backup services and are happy with your choice of partners, it's smart to keep an eye on the market and compare vendor programs. Our Partner Program Directory is designed to help you through this process. Peruse the list of storage backup vendors here, then click through to view a standardized checklist of the benefits each offers via its partner program.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ASIGRA-------------------------------------------------------------------

Asigra offers automated, agentless remote office backup and recovery software that centralizes backup data.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ATEMPO-------------------------------------------------------------------

Atempo offers onsite backup storage software featuring disk-to-disk-to-tape backup, remote administration and user recovery, in addition to continuous data protection software for Windows desktops and laptops.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: EVAULT-------------------------------------------------------------

eVault's data protection platform features a backup solution that can be provisioned as online, off-site services, disk-to-disk licensed software or managed services.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: HP------------------------------------------------------------------------

HP offers disk storage systems that feature disk-to-disk backup, as well as tape backup products featuring DAT, DLT and LTO tape drives for on-site backup management.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: IBM--------------------------------------------------------------------

IBM offers a variety of on-site enterprise and SMB backup hardware and software for continuous data protection, enterprise-wide backup and recovery, consolidation of disparate backup systems and more.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: INTRONIS----------------------------------------------------------

Intronis offers an automated online data backup service for small and midsized businesses that includes 256-bit encryption and redundant storage.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NETAPP---------------------------------------------------------------

NetApp offers disk-to-disk backup and recovery products.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ONLINE BACKUP VAULT-------------------------------------------

Online Backup Vault offers automated, online data backup services that support all major server operating systems and applications and feature unlimited retention.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: PERVASIVE-------------------------------------------------------------

Pervasive offers an agent that works with third-party backup software to ensure accurate point-in-time recovery for partial or complete backups.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: STORAGEPIPE SOLUTIONS-----------------------------------------

Storagepipe Solutions offers automated off-site data backup and recovery solutions for SMBs and enterprises.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: VEMBU -------------------------------------------------------------------

Vembu offers online, on-site and remote storage backup for servers and workstations, in addition to a cross-platform solution for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.

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