Storage area network (SAN) cheat sheet

Find our most popular tips and features on storage area network (SAN) technologies and services. Use these resources to guide customers toward the right storage area network choices.

When designing a storage area network (SAN) for customers, there are a number of key decisions to be made around hardware and networking protocol. To help make that decision process easier for you, we've collected the most popular tips and features on SAN technologies and services from Use these resources to guide customers toward the right storage area network choices.


 Optimizing iSCSI SANs with the right Ethernet switch The choice of Ethernet switch for your customer's iSCSI SAN might seem inconsequential, but choosing the wrong one can hamper future SAN growth. Find out what factors should govern your choice of Ethernet switch.

 iSCSI, FCoE or InfiniBand for storage networking? While iSCSI is clearly emerging as the storage networking protocol of choice for SMBs, the choice for enterprises isn't so clear-cut. The decision is between Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and InfiniBand. Learn the pros and cons of all three protocols and find out which is the best fit for your big customers.

 Storage architecture choices: SANs Storage area networks offer a number of benefits over DAS and NAS -- even for companies with only 100 employees. Find out why certain customers are better candidates than others and what the typical costs are.

 How to choose among storage networking protocol options for VMware There are four main storage networking protocol options for your VMware customers; find out what the key pros and cons of each are and how to choose the right option.

 Key considerations in developing a storage area network design The best storage area network design for your customers will take into consideration a number of critical issues: uptime needs, scalability, security and disaster recovery. Find out how each of these factors will influence storage area network design choices.

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