's top five news stories from summer 2012

As August ends, we review the summer's top five news stories on Miss anything? We'll help you catch up on the top headlines.

The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record in the U.S., and that goes for the news as well as the weather here at You may have missed some critical news while at the beach -- enjoying the weather, working on your tan or just trying to cool off. But we've put together the top five, most-read cloud provider news stories of the summer into one convenient package. 

Disaster recovery (DR) has been on everyone's mind. Among our readers, the high-profile Amazon cloud outages topped the most-read list, followed closely by a story on Disaster Recovery as a Service. Both stories offer insight into disaster recovery best practices and help other cloud providers learn from Amazon's mistakes.

Issues surrounding cloud adoption drivers, the developing role of cloud brokers and the future of OpenStack were also among this summer's most popular stories.

Take a look at these top five news articles, and catch up on anything you might have missed.

1. Amazon cloud failure highlights reliability, DR concerns for providers

You probably heard about two of Amazon's most recent cloud failures, but did you take the time to learn from its misfortune? It's clearer than ever that the cloud is not invincible, so it's vital to have a recovery strategy that is. This news story can help you prepare for the worst.

2. Cloud disaster recovery services: Customers want 'DR as a Service' 

In the aftermath of Amazon's cloud debacle, the concept of DR as a Service also made top news. News writer Gina Narcisi explains how and why cloud providers must offer reliable backup services and top service-level agreements to solidify good relationships with customers. Don't miss out on this valuable resource. 

3. Cloud service brokers must differentiate as cloud market matures 

As the role of the cloud service broker continues to shift, cloud brokers must work closely with providers while differentiating their services to appeal to customers. If you missed this story when it first came out, here is a second chance to learn how to keep up with the ever-changing cloud ecosystem and guarantee success. 

4. Cloud outage fears slow global cloud adoption, survey says 

Still having trouble mitigating cloud adoption fears? Greater transparency and clearer SLAs may be the key for providers to ease customer concerns. It's not too late to make nice with enterprises that are on the fence when it comes to transitioning to the cloud, and this news story helps you find out what customers perceive as the major barriers to adoption.

5. CloudStack vs. OpenStack: Competitors or allies?

Hype surrounding cloud computing platforms CloudStack and OpenStack came to a head when Citrix handed off CloudStack to Apache Foundation as an open source project. Did this mean that OpenStack is gaining a new competitor? Has Citrix, a longtime contributor to OpenStack, turned its back on the project? Get the inside scoop -- straight from Citrix -- about the future of these two open source projects.

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