Scenarios for meeting customer network design requirements

Test your skill at fulfilling customer network design requirements and prepare for the CCDA exam with chapter 17 from 'CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide, 3rd ed.' by Bruno & Jordan.


The CCDA exam may ask you to analyze network design scenarios that mimic real-world networks you might need to build for customers. Chapter 17 from CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide, 3rd ed. contains four case studies that are similar in style to the ones you might encounter on the CCDA exam.

  • Scenario One: Pearland Hospital
  • Scenario Two: Big Oil and Gas
  • Scenario Three: Beauty Things Store
  • Scenario Four: Falcon Communications

The case studies and questions in this chapter draw on your knowledge of CCDA exam topics. Use these exercises to help master the topics as well as to identify areas you still need to review for the exam. Understand that each scenario presented encompasses several exam topics. Each scenario, however, does not necessarily encompass all the topics. Therefore, you should work through all the scenarios in this chapter to cover all the topics.

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Excerpted from CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide, Third Edition by Anthony Bruno and Steve Jordan (ISBN: 1-58720-177-1).

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CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide, Third Edition, is an exam study guide that focuses specifically on the topics for the DESGN exam. Senior networking consultants Anthony Bruno and Steve Jordan expertly cover the latest exam content, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve your knowledge of Cisco network design. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics.

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