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SADA Systems helps startup with cloud, Kubernetes container management

Cloud consultant SADA Systems is supporting Smyte, a SaaS startup, in a variety of ways, including Google cloud optimization, Kubernetes support and business development.

SADA Systems is working with a software-as-a-service startup on a multifaceted cloud consulting gig that spans everything from Kubernetes container management to business development.

The Los Angeles-based cloud consulting firm began its relationship with Smyte Inc., a 2-year-old SaaS company located in San Francisco, about 18 months ago. Smyte provides trust and safety as a service for websites and mobile applications, flagging online activity that could indicate credit card fraud, for example. The company's service has 100 million active users per month and monitors tens of thousands of events per second, which makes for some challenging infrastructure considerations, according to Pete Hunt, Smyte's CEO and product engineer.

Not that the Smyte team are infrastructure neophytes. Co-founder Josh Yudaken joined the company from Instagram, where he was a member of the infrastructure organization.

"So, infrastructure is a core competency," Hunt noted.

That said, Smyte needed some advice to get the most out of the Google Cloud Platform, which hosts its SaaS offering. Google got Smyte in touch with SADA Systems.

Pete Hunt, CEO, SmytePete Hunt

"We have a tight relationship with Google," said Simon Margolis, director of cloud platform at SADA Systems. "When they see an opportunity for partners in offering professional services or engineering consulting, they bring us in."

SADA Systems' initial task was to help Smyte improve its usage of the Google Cloud Platform in order to grow and scale correctly, Margolis said. The startup "needed to run very lean in the early days and be extremely efficient."

That first project led to follow-on work, including a project involving Kubernetes container management. Smyte started using Kubernetes to manage Docker containers at about the same time it began using Google Cloud Platform in the early days of its operations. Kubernetes, a technology that originated at Google, is an open source system for automating tasks associated with managing containerized applications.

I feel like I can call someone with any question and I will get an answer within a couple of hours.
Pete HuntCEO, Smyte

Smyte had been running its own Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform. But the software stack would encounter bugs and the Smyte technician staffing the on-call rotation would get paged nearly every night. To offload that continuous support burden, Smyte earlier this year migrated to Google Container Engine, a Kubernetes cluster management system that Google hosts.

SADA Systems helped plan and manage that migration and now provides first-call support when Smyte runs into problems with Kubernetes container management. Hunt said he has been pretty happy with Google support but finds that SADA Systems provides an additional level of assistance.

Simon Margolis, director of cloud platform, SADA SystemsSimon Margolis

"They basically have some way of getting the Google people to respond quicker," Hunt said. "I feel like I can call someone with any question and I will get an answer within a couple of hours and I don't have to chase down people at Google."

SADA Systems' relationship with Smyte is moving in yet another direction: business development. As Google helped SADA Systems find work at Smyte, SADA Systems is now opening doors for its customer. Hunt said he anticipates its cloud consulting partner walking the company into a couple of deals in the near term.

Margolis said SADA Systems works with more than 1,000 customers that leverage some aspect of Google's cloud.

"We will hear the need for anti-fraud in our conversations [with customers] and refer them to Smyte," he noted. "We find it is beneficial to our business and beneficial to their business and our customers as well."

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