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Partner Program Directory: Bandwidth management vendors

Need help choosing among the many bandwidth management vendors in the market? Use our Partner Program Directory to compare the benefits of each vendor's program.

Enterprises often rely on massive networks that use a great deal of power and bandwidth and generally drive up costs. This emphasizes the importance of effective bandwidth management solutions. When choosing a bandwidth management vendor partner, knowing what type of bandwidth management products they offer will help you make an informed decision. The bandwidth management vendors below provide a range of products to help your clients address their bandwidth management concerns. Peruse our directory and compare bandwidth management vendors' checklists to find the best company to partner with.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: BARRACUDA NETWORKS-------------------------------------------

Barracuda Networks offers several bandwidth management products, including the Barracuda Link Balancer for internet traffic management and the Barracuda Load Balancer for server load balancing.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: OPNET---------------------------------------------------------------------

OPNET offers a host of network and bandwidth management and optimization products, including the IT Guru Network Planner, SP Guru Network Planner, OPNET nCompass for Enterprises and NetMapper.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CISCO----------------------------------------------------------------------

Cisco's network management products with an emphasis on bandwidth management includeCisco Bandwidth Quality Manager, Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Impact Manager, and Cisco WAN Manager.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: EXINDA NETWORKS---------------------------------------------------

Exinda's bandwidth and traffic management products include the x700 WAN optimization and x800 Application Acceleration lines.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: JUNIPER NETWORKS-------------------------------------------------

Juniper Networks' bandwidth management products include Network and Security Manager, JUNOS software, and various router solutions.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: SYMANTEC---------------------------------------------------------------

Symantec's bandwidth management products largely focus on the security aspect of network management, such as Network Access Control, Configuration Manager and Altiris Service and Asset Management Suite.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: WEBSENSE---------------------------------------------------------------

Websense offers a comprehensive bandwidth management software with Websense Enterprise Bandwidth Optimizer.


Other bandwidth management vendors
The following vendors also offer bandwidth management technology but did not respond to our request for information about their channel program:

F5 Networks
Blue Coat
Allot communications
Emerging Technologies
Xroads networks
Latitude Broadband
LogiSense Corp
Sandvine Inc
Strangeloop Networks
Bandwidth Controller

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