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Partner Program Directory: Authentication vendors

The market offers a wide range of authentication vendors. Use our Partner Program Directory to compare the benefits of various vendors' programs.

With the ever-increasing number of security threats in the IT industry, the need for flawless implementation of authentication protocols has been amplified. There are many available products for authentication, including tokens, finger biometrics and smart cards. When trying to identify an authentication vendor partner, knowing what type of authentication products they offer is helpful in making an informed decision. The authentication vendors below provide a wide range of products to help your clients address their authentication concerns. Peruse our directory and compare authentication vendors' checklists to find the best company to partner with.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ALADDIN------------------------------------------------------------------

Aladdin's eToken family of USB-based authentication and password management devices consists of the eToken PRO, eToken NG-OTP, eToken NG-FLASH, eToken PRO Smartcard and eToken PASS.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CA-------------------------------------------------------------------

CA's authentication and security protection products include CA Access Control, Embedded Entitlements Manager, Identity Manager, Single Sign-On, SiteMinder Web Access Manager (an internet access control system) and VM: Secure for z/VM (a security and directory management system).

PARTNER CHECKLIST: COURION------------------------------------------------------------------

Courion offers the ProfileCourier product for profile management and access control. Features include random PIN generation, automatic logging of activity, real-time notification and API-level integration.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: IBM-------------------------------------------------------------------

IBM offers the Tivoli Directory Integrator, Tivoli Directory Server, Tivoli Identity Manager for z/OS and Tivoli Identity Manager Express authentication management software products.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: IMPRIVATA---------------------------------------------------------------

Imprivata's OneSign authentication management solution's features include OTP tokens, finger biometrics, Windows smart cards, national ID smart cards, active and passive proximity cards and more.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: JUNIPER NETWORKS-------------------------------------------------

Juniper Networks offers three different product lines for authentication control. The AAA and 802.1x products provide subscriber identity module and subscription authentication; the Session and Resource Control Portfolio provides policy management and authorization; and the Unified Access Control hardware products create control policies for all users.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: MCAFEE-------------------------------------------------------------------

McAfee's McAfee Network Access Control platform is designed to protect remote-access and high-risk branch offices and provide flexible remediation and broad enforcement options, as well as centralized management.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: PASSLOGIX--------------------------------------------------------------

Passlogix provides two products for authentication management. The v-GO Authentication Manager functions so that a user never has to know an ID or password to gain access to applications. The v-GO Self-Service Password Reset implements a question-and-answer format to initiate a reset process.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: QUEST-------------------------------------------------------------------

Quest's Defender provides vendor-independent support, migration through RADIUS proxy features, Active Directory, auditing and reporting abilities. The Enterprise Single Sign-on product uses Active Directory and a single point of authentication for all resources.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: RSA-------------------------------------------------------------------

RSA offers the SecurID two-factor authentication token, SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator and Authentication Manager 7.1 authentication management software.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: VASCO DATA------------------------------------------------------------

Vasco Data's authentication products consist of the VACMAN core authentication platform, Identikey authentication server, aXs Guard authentication appliances and DIGIPASS client e-signature software.

Other authentication vendors
The following vendors also offer authentication technology but did not respond to our request for information about their channel program:

Arcot Systems
Digital Persona
Digital Resolve
Errata Security
Fusion Biometrics
iMagic Software
Interlink Networks
Matrix Systems
Mega AS Consulting
Positive Networks
Sentillion Inc

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