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Partner Program Directory: Application performance management vendors

There's a wide range of application performance management vendors. Use our partner program directory to compare the benefits of various vendors' programs.

Having a reliable application performance management product is crucial for effectively monitoring and managing the performance of software applications in an enterprise. The vendors below provide a wide range of products that will assist your client with their application performance management needs. Peruse our directory and compare vendors' checklists to find the best company to partner with.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: BMC-----------------------------------------------------------------------

BMC offers four application performance management products for Web application servers including the BMC APPTUNE for DB2, the BMC MAINVIEW for WebSphere Application Server, the BMC Performance Manager for Web Application Servers, the BMC SQL Explorer for DB2 and the BMC SQL Performance for DB2.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CA---------------------------------------------------------------------------

CA has application performance management products for portal management, service quality management, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services and Web applications. CA's products aim to optimize performance, detect incidents before service-level agreements (SLAs) are violated and remediate problems before they affect customers.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: HP---------------------------------------------------------------------------

HP offers four software products for application security management -- the HP Assessment Management Platform, HP Devinspect, HP QAInspect and HP WebInspect. These products offer various functions including automatically finding and fixing application vulnerabilities and fast scanning capabilities.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: IBM--------------------------------------------------------------------------

IBM offers the Tivoli Composite Application Manager, the Tivoli System Automation Application Manager, the Tivoli Web Response Monitor, the Tivoli ETEWatch and the WebSphere Studio Application Monitor products for application performance management.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NetScout Systems------------------------------------------------------

Netscout offers application performance management with its nGenius Performance Manager that monitors and supports more than 200 web-based, broadcast, mutlicast and unicast applications.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Nimsoft--------------------------------------------------------------------

Nimsoft's Nimbus offers short- and long-term performance trend reports for end-to-end service components. These reports include SMTP/POP mail response, Microsoft Exchange statistics, Web page download time, CRM application response time, SAP R/3 application statistics and more.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: OPNET---------------------------------------------------------------------

OPNET offers four products: the ACE Analyst, ACE Live, OPNET Panorama and IT Guru Systems Planner. These products are geared toward improving end-to-end response time, QA performance testing, VoIP deployment and monitoring, and data center migrations.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Quest Software----------------------------------------------------------

Quest offers several products for application management including software such as Foglight, PerformaSure, JProbe, JClass and Stat. Quest's products use continuous performance management methods for Java applications and aim to increase end-user satisfaction, meet SLAs and reduce downtime.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: Symantec-----------------------------------------------------------------

The Veritas Application Director enables runtime management of all the applications in a data center from a single Web console. Symantec On-Demand Protection provides security to Web applications and ensures compliance with security policies.

Other application performance management vendors

The following vendors also offer application performance management technology but did not respond to our request for information about their channel program:

Digital Fuel Technologies
dynaTrace Software
Macro 4
Tidal Software

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