Partner Program Directories

Our partner program directory series organizes vendors' partner programs by their products. Each uniform checklist covers the partner program's traits and privileges allotted to the different tiers, when applicable. Learn about each company's partner program and products.'s Partner Program Directories provide Partner Program Checklists organized by what the vendors provide. You'll find uniform checklists detailing each reseller program's benefits and privileges allowed to the different level partners. Partner Program Directory topics have included wireless hardware vendors, storage backup vendors and encryption vendors, with more being added monthly. Email us your suggestions for directory topics, and check back here for more directories in the series. Technology vendors: Learn how to get your company listed in our Partner Program Directories for solution providers.

Application performance management vendors

A reliable application performance management product is crucial for effectively monitoring and managing the performance of your customers' software applications. The vendors in our Partner Program Directory provide a range of products that will assist your client with their application performance management needs.

Archiving vendors

With so many storage compliance requirements on archiving media, data migration, rewrite ability and indexing/search, finding the right archiving product can be a daunting task for VARs. Our directory helps solution providers to compare various partner programs in an easy-to-read checklist format.

Authentication vendors

There are many available products for authentication, including tokens, finger biometrics and smart cards. When trying to identify an authentication vendor partner, knowing what type of authentication products they offer is helpful in making an informed decision. Peruse our Partner Program Directory and compare authentication vendors' checklists to find the best company to partner with.

Bandwidth management vendors

Enterprises often rely on massive networks that use a great deal of power and bandwidth; in today's difficult economy, effective bandwidth management is more important than ever before. The bandwidth management vendors in our Partner Program Directory provide a range of products to help your clients address their bandwidth management concerns.

Encryption vendors

If you want to sell encryption, make sure the vendor has a partner program with which you are comfortable. This directory features vendors who sell all aspects of encryption, whether it be software or hardware. Use this directory to compare the benefits of their partner programs.

Network firewall vendors

With such a vast network firewall product offering on the market, it is difficult to find the most compatible network firewall for your customer's network. This directory is designed to help you choose a firewall that will maintain network security and find the best partner program for your client's needs.

Network IDS/IPS vendors

Having a reliable network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) is crucial for small and mid-sized businesses. The vendors in this directory offer products geared towards virus, spyware, worms and bots detection. Use the directory to learn about the benefits each network security vendor offers and find the right partner program.

Networking hardware vendors

While your clients may already depend on several networking hardware manufacturers to maintain their routers and switches, it is important to stay abreast of new developments in the market. This router and switch vendors directory will enable you to compare and contrast the benefits that each of the partner programs can provide.

Storage array vendors

With a number of storage array choices and a wide variety of partner program attributes, you need to know what to look for in a storage array vendor. Our Partner Program Directory will aid you in your research, with standardized checklists that detail each storage array vendor's partner programs.

Storage backup vendors

Selling storage backup requires a trusting relationship with the vendor providing the backup hardware and software. This directory highlights vendors who sell data backup products, whether remote or on-site. Learn about the various partner programs from these vendors and compare them.

Virtual private network vendors

An ideal virtual private network (VPN) maintains privacy but uses the shared public infrastructure. Products from the vendors on our Partner Program Directory include a wide range of VPN offerings, including IP security, SSL, firewall and wired or wireless options.

Wireless hardware vendors

Choosing a wireless hardware vendor partner depends on your technology needs, such as your wireless network's environment or requirements. The vendors in this directory offer the appropriate access points, antennas, client bridges and other equipment. Compare the benefits of their partner programs in this directory.

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