Our top five storage tips -- so far

Get the top five storage tips of the first half of 2008, as chosen by SearchStorageChannel.com readers.

Halfway through 2008, we've decided to take a look at the tips that resonate most with readers. Here are SearchStorageChannel.com's top five tips for VARs. Read on for advice on storage capacity planning, optimizing iSCSI SANs, appliance-based digital shredding, data deduplication services and data protection sales.

TIP #1-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Capacity planning and management tools create service opportunities
Capacity planning and management tools can maximize the value customers get out of their IT resources. Service providers who offer capacity planning and management services and tools can build ongoing, profitable relationships with customers.

TIP #2-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Optimizing iSCSI SANs with the right Ethernet switch
The choice of Ethernet switch for your customer's iSCSI SAN might seem inconsequential, but choosing the wrong one can hamper future SAN growth. Find out what factors should govern your choice of Ethernet switch.

TIP #3-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Appliance-based digital shredding for data destruction
Different data destruction technologies give service providers different options for destroying customers' data -- with varying levels of success. To ensure data destruction, service providers should look to appliance-based digital shredders using purge technology.

TIP #4-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Affordable tiered storage via data deduplication services
Data deduplication and disk-based archiving can be combined to achieve affordable tiered storage, with multiple service entry points for service providers.

TIP #5-----------------------------------------------------------------------

New dynamics in data protection sales
With disk replacing tape as the preferred initial backup medium and new data protection tools for continuous data protection and deduplication available, VARs are faced with a problem: how to maintain a short sales cycle while supplying customers with the capabilities they want.

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