Networking hardware vendors

Selecting a networking hardware vendor can be confusing if you don't know the ins and outs of potential vendors' partner programs. Use our organized Partner Program Directory to assess the standardized checklists for each router and switch vendor's partner program.

While the majority of your clients may rely on one of several networking vendors for their routers and switches, the reality is the networking hardware landscape is a diverse one. Value-added resellers and consultants may find it beneficial to be familiar with a variety of networking hardware manufacturers and their reseller partner programs. Our Partner Program Directory of router and switch vendors is designed to help you through this process. Peruse our list of router and switch vendors here, then click through to view a standardized checklist of the benefits each offers via its reseller partner program.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ADTRAN-------------------------------------------------------------------

ADTRAN offers networking hardware for voice, data and video communications, both landline and wireless.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: BARRACUDA NETWORKS--------------------------------------------------

Barracuda Networks offers a load balancer and a Web application firewall.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: BELAIR NETWORKS--------------------------------------------------

BelAir Networks offers broadband mesh technologies, including wireless mesh nodes, routers and network management system, for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 4.9 GHz public safety networks.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CISCO---------------------------------------------------------------------

Cisco offers integrated services network routers and switches.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: COLUBRIS NETWORKS--------------------------------------------

Colubris Networks offers optimized WLAN switching products for voice, data and video networking. Some of their products include wireless client bridges, access points and controllers.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: HP-------------------------------------------------------------------------

HP offers ProCurve networking hardware products for VoIP and converged communications.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: IBM------------------------------------------------------------------------

IBM offers easily compatible networking hardware that can work with any of their workstations.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: JUNIPER NETWORKS-----------------------------------------------

Juniper Networks offers networking and security products that help consolidate network security issues for small, medium and large enterprises.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: MOTOROLA-------------------------------------------------------------

Motorola offers wireless LAN switches for high-bandwidth deployments and voice communications that support medium to large enterprises.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NETGEAR--------------------------------------------------------------

NETGEAR offers wireless routers, adapters, and other networking products for SMBs and enterprises.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NORTEL-----------------------------------------------------------------

Nortel offers routing and switching products designed to securely deliver Layer 2 and 3 connectivity for converged networking.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: OVISLINK---------------------------------------------------------------

Ovislink offers rackmounted and SOHO routers and switches for both wired and wireless LANs.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: SMC NETWORKS----------------------------------------------------

SMC Networks provides network interface cards, stackable, dual speed hubs and switches for Ethernet and fast Ethernet technologies.

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