Network firewall vendors

Before deciding on a network firewall vendor, check out this Partner Program Directory. Use these checklists to compare partner programs of network firewall vendors.

If you offer network firewall products or services, choosing the right network firewall vendor partner is crucial. Network firewalls have varying shapes, sizes and customizable functions, but they all perform the same vital task of maintaining network security. With such a wide selection of network firewalls, it's important to choose a product and vendor that's right for your customer's network. Our Partner Program Directory is designed to help you select the network firewall vendor most compatible with you and your customers' networks. Peruse the list of network firewall vendors here, then click through to view a standardized checklist of the benefits each networking vendor offers via its partner program.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: ADTRAN-------------------------------------------------------------------

Adtran's NetVanta line provides varying levels of network firewall protection based on the enterprise client's security needs. The hardware-based solution provides corporate protection, including VPN and regulatory compliance, for on-site and remote employees.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: BARRACUDA NETWORKS------------------------------------------

Features of Barracuda Networks' line of firewalls include stateful packet forwarding, intrusion prevention, application enforcement, DoS/DDoS protection, object-oriented rule sets, user/group-based firewall rules and ARP security, among others.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CHECK POINT------------------------------------------------------------

Check Point's line of network firewalls includes Power-1 Appliances for large data centers, VPN product lines and UTM appliances. Its line of Integrated Appliance Solutions provides integrated software and hardware solutions for customized firewall protection.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: CISCO-------------------------------------------------------------------

Cisco's firewall offerings are designed to work with only Cisco networks and include the hardware-based ASA 5500, router and switch firewalls such as the Cisco Firewall Services Module and the software-based Cisco IOS.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: JUNIPER-------------------------------------------------------------------

Juniper offers a number of appliance-based network firewall platforms depending on the company's needs, such as SSG integrated appliances with UTM for branch offices or the ISG series, which combines firewall, VPN and intrusion detection for enterprise sites. The NetScreen series is a similar combination but also supports virtualization and customizable security zones.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: MCAFEE ----------------------------------------------------------

McAfee offers Total Protection for Network (ToPS), an appliance-based network firewall for enterprise-level network security. Combining a number of McAfee appliances into one integrated solution, the ToPS maintains security and regulatory compliance.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: NORMAN---------------------------------------------------------------

Norman offers software-based personal firewalls for home offices. These firewalls provide two-way traffic inspection and compatibility with other security software.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: O2SECURITY LTD.-----------------------------------------------------

O2Security Ltd. offers network gateway systems that include firewall functionality for small- to medium-businesses as well as remote/branch offices, large enterprises and service providers.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: SECURE COMPUTING--------------------------------------------

Secure Computing offers the Secure Firewall line of appliances, which provide visibility of malware and streamline management and regulatory compliance. The Secure Firewall appliances all offer UTM and VPN protection, ranging from security event reporting to a consolidated security solution.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: SYMANTEC----------------------------------------------------------

Symantec offers a wide range of firewall products, from Norton's personal firewall products to the network security solution Endpoint Protection 11.0, which provides antivirus, antispyware and full network firewall protection for enterprise customers.

PARTNER CHECKLIST: WATCHGUARD----------------------------------------------------

WatchGuard offers unified threat management appliances that include network firewall functionality.

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