Network-attached storage (NAS) purchasing roundup

Network-attached storage purchasing is on the rise because people are discovering its usefulness in storage virtualization environments. Read up on NAS purchasing trends and get help selling your customers on NAS in this roundup.

Network-attached storage (NAS) has been growing in popularity over recent years to replace file servers in shops with storage capacity needs. Storage resellers are uniquely positioned to explain how and why NAS can make a better storage offering. By educating customers on the benefits of NAS hardware -- storage consolidation, virtualization and ease of use, to name a few -- you can capture customers with managed storage services contracts.

NAS purchasing: Moving from file servers to NAS
Storage management ease of use, virtualization capabilities and layering is making NAS more attractive to resellers and customers looking for turnkey storage solutions.

NAS purchasing: Software
Installing the right software on NAS is as important as the hardware you select. Get help choosing the best storage software to manage NAS storage.

NAS purchasing: Product acquisitions
Considering NAS applications that will meet your storage customers' needs is an important step in establishing a service agreement. The right applications can make support easier and streamline storage for a customer, but you and your customers must be careful not to go overboard.

NAS purchasing: Getting the right applications
Consider the future of a customer's NAS in addition to out-of-the-box requirements. By building in data protection, considering RAID and determining how traffic will affect the network in the future, customers will be pleased with your value-add

NAS purchasing: Gateways
NAS gateways provide a way to enhance a customer's storage operation by using external storage to overcome inherent limitations and maximize flexibility.

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