.NET Compact Framework

The .Net Compact Framework provides you with the tools to build managed applications and access to Web services for handheld devices. Get started with an excerpt from Pocket PC Network Programming by Steve Makofsky.

Get to know .NET's software development platform and managed application class libraries for handheld devices. Author Steve Makofsky gets you started in this excerpt from Pocket PC Network Programming.

Use the following table of contents to navigate to chapter excerpts, or click here to view Chapter 12 in its entirety.

.NET Compact Framework
  Home: Introduction
 Part 1: .NET Compact Framework
 Part 2: Networking with the Compact Framework
 Part 3: Winsock, .NET and the Compact Framework
 Part 4: Internet Protocols and the .NET Pluggable Protocol Mode
 Part 5: Consuming Web Services and the Handheld Device
 Part 6: Pocket PC and P/Invoke

About the author: Steve Makofsky is a software design engineer on Microsoft's .NET XML Messaging team. In addition to having been a Microsoft Embedded MVP, he has worked on several commercial Windows CE products, including the award-winning bUSEFUL Utilities 1.0 and 2.0 (Best of Comdex Utility 1998/1999). Steve coauthored Teach Yourself Windows CE Programming in 24 Hours (Sams, 1999) and has published several magazine articles on .NET and mobile device development. When not working on cool embedded projects, Steve likes to drink lattes and hike on Mt. Everest.

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