MySQL Tutorial: The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5

This MySQL tutorial from The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5 presents MySQL basics and potential service opportunities.

What are the possibilities and limitations of MySQL? The following MySQL tutorial attempts to answer that basic question and more. Excerpted from The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5 -- a book by Michael Kofler designed to help you master MySQL configuration, administration, database design and application development -- Chapter 1, 'What is MySQL?" helps you know how and when to license and implement MySQL.

Use the following table of contents to navigate to chapter excerpts, or click here to view Chapter 1 in its entirety.

What is MySQL?

  Home: Introduction
 Part 1: Database glossary
 Part 2: MySQL features
 Part 3: MySQL limitations
 Part 4: MySQL version numbers
 Part 5: MySQL licensing
 Part 6: MySQL version names
 Part 7: MySQL alternatives

About the author: Michael Kofler holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Graz Technical University. He has written a number of successful computer books on topics such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, and Linux. Michael is the author of The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5, Third Edition and Definitive Guide to Excel VBA, Second Edition from Apress.

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