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Get advice, tips, tricks and opinions on the latest security reseller concerns with security channel expert Mike Rothman's monthly column.

Every month Mike Rothman, president and principal analyst of Security Incite and author of The Pragmatic CSO: 12 Steps to Being a Security Master sounds off on reseller security concerns. Bookmark this page and come back to it often for tips, tricks and no holds barred opinions on the latest hot topics. Have an idea for a topic for Mike? Email to let us know.

Five ways to gain customer loyalty
Get details on how to keep customers happy. From choosing the right manufacturers, to fixing mistakes, to offering managed services, this column will help your channel business gain loyalty and keep it going strong.

Resellers can find business opportunity in information security awareness
If you think information security awareness training is a waste of time, think again. Learn how to use your existing training skills to sell annual training retainers and boost profits.

The downside of offering MSS
Entering managed security services is a significant investment that requires quite a bit of planning. Make sure you've considered the pros and cons carefully before you dive into offering these services.

What VARs can do when a strategic manufacturer is acquired
It is important to develop a defined process to deal with the inevitability that a key supplier will be bought. Learn how to develop a Plan B and how deal with the fallout.

'White hot' security markets: A gift or curse?
Hot security markets are created at the nexus of emerging technologies and known business needs. Profit margins for resellers can be high, but smart resellers will learn how to reduce their downside risk by doing their vendor homework. Learn the signs of a security market that's more hype than reality.

Incident response services: A five-step program for security VARs
A security incident can shake your client's faith in the network you helped secure. In this tip, learn about incident response and how to maintain a healthy relationship with your client before, during and after the security incident.

How to maintain healthy relationships with small security vendors
When selecting a small security vendor to work with, the wrong choice can lead to a soured relationship and loss of profit. Learn what to look for in a small security vendor and how to keep your relationship healthy and profitable.

How to recession-proof your information security business
The 2008 economy has worsened daily, with the IT industry being no exception. Learn which security integration and managed services trends to look to if you want your channel business to survive a global recession.

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