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Is online backup good for SMBs/SMEs?

Online backup is a trusted option for larger companies, but is it good for SMBs or SMEs? Learn more about how online backup affects SMBs and SMEs.

Q: Is online backup good for SMBs/SMEs?

Absolutely. A lot of the large technology vendors have been prophesizing the death of tape, and that hasn't really occurred. I think what they all expected was that it would happen at the enterprise layer. The interesting thing that we're seeing is that the faster adopters of online backup and online disk are actually coming from the consumer and SMB space.

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Bob Laliberte is an analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. He focuses on storage management software, infrastructure, professional services and business continuity. Listen to Bob's answers on data recovery by downloading his disaster recovery services FAQ podcast.

This really makes a lot of sense if you think about the SMB space, where you've got a technology staff that's going to be extremely limited and has to be a jack of all trades. The one thing they want to offload is the nightly tape backup and having to put it in their trunk and take it home with them. What online backup allows them to do is get rid of a burden that's keeping them from working on revenue-producing activities and transferring that off to a service provider who can then do it more effectively for them and actually improve their disaster recovery capabilities.

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