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Is lead generation outsourcing worthwhile?

Lead generation outsourcing is billed as a way to save companies time and money, but it isn't without drawbacks. Learn the drawbacks of lead generation outsourcing and why it's often better to handle lead generation and lead management internally.

[Lead generation] outsourcing, where we're not doing it in-house or doing it ourselves for the lead generation programs, really was not successful for us, because when you do those canned lead generation programs, you get a lot of leads that really don't pertain to your core business. But if you do it yourself, like we have, and your marketing campaigns are [about] your core business, then that's when we've been most successful. So for Mobius Partners, bringing it in-house makes our core business very successful and has done us very well.

About the author
Jay Uribe is the co-founder of Mobius Partners, an enterprise VAR based in San Antonio. Listen to the rest of Jay's answers on lead management by downloading our lead management podcast.
We do the marketing campaigns in house by talking to our field reps, seeing what trends they're seeing out there and bringing that back in to our marketing manager, and then she creates marketing campaigns and she goes to market with a group of business development reps. They're taking our marketing campaigns to market and actually creating leads for our inside reps. They're entry-level people for Mobius Partners.

[There are two benefits to this.] One, they learn the business and they're learning [about marketing] campaigns. Two, it's a training ground so they can move into a sales position. It takes a very long time to get into this business, and it's a breeding field for our [future] sales reps. We've been successful in doing that several times over the last few years.

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