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Is high-performance NAS suited to particular vertical markets?

IT solution providers should understand how high-performance NAS is selected based on industry segments or vertical markets in order to provide optimum performance for client data.

Is high-performance NAS particularly well-suited to any specific industry or vertical? Why?

Most people would say "yes," noting popular verticals like oil and gas, streaming media companies and so on. But I don't agree that high-performance NAS is better suited to any specific verticals. Customers demand what that performance metric should be for them. I sell high-performance NAS to all kinds of customers including legal discovery, media and back office -- a diverse range of verticals is represented, and no verticals are excluded from high-performance NAS.

About the author
Jason Sparks is VP of storage and systems at Xiologix. Listen to more from Jason in our high-performance NAS podcast

A lot of people get into trouble because they try to pigeonhole what high-performance NAS should be. Don't let the vendors tell you what this technology should or should not be used for. Vendors chase the quick sale -- the low-hanging fruit -- but I would rather take six extra months in a sales cycle and get a customer wrapped around a strategic direction that will take them out five to 10 years versus just selling them a storage product every 18 to 36 months. I don't like putting solutions on the floor that I know will end-of-life in 18 to 36 months. The problem is that life storage product cycles have declined dramatically over the last decade, and clients that don't have a long-term strategy will wind up flipping products and compromising the performance of their storage environment anyway.

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