IDS Snort rules: Acquiring Snort rules

Learn how to acquire the rules you'll need to run Snort to your specifications.

Downloading the two major sets of rules is not difficult. In this example, I am a registered user at I log in with my username and password. On the Snort rules page I scroll down to the section labeled Sourcefire VRT Certified Rules - The Official Snort Ruleset (registered user release) and select the link for snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT.tar.gz. If I am not logged in I cannot download those rules. After downloading snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT.tar.gz and extracting it, I have three directories: rules, doc and so_rules. Snort rules are in the first, rule documentation in the second and shared object rules in the third. (For now focus on the rules directory; future articles will address shared object rules.)

Acquiring BET rules is simple. Download and extract the contents. If extracted into the same directory as the Sourcefire rules, BET's ruleset will end up in the rules directory created earlier.

Snort Report -- IDS Snort rules

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 Acquiring Snort rules
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