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How will you monitor for unknown threats with the remote management system?

Unknown and undiscovered threats pose a problem, requiring the reseller to provide a solution that is effective in monitoring and controlling these constantly evolving threats. Find out how to monitor for these threats after choosing a remote management system for your customer.

How will you monitor for unknown threats?

About the Author
Dr. Paul Rohmeyer is a faculty member at Stevens Institute of Technology, an independent security consultant focusing on enterprise IT risk management, and a frequent speaker at security and audit industry events. He has advised numerous financial, telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies in the development of secure network architectures.

The threat model is constantly changing. One of the most challenging security problems is to establish capabilities that will help organizations identify emerging or "zero day" threats. These are threats that have not been previously identified and, therefore, are not easily detected using traditional signature-matching techniques that rely on prior knowledge. The security management platform and MSSP services need to provide baseline information; however, responsibility ultimately falls on the customer to diligently monitor their own network as well as the threat landscape to identify and track the latest network attacks.

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