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How will you handle ongoing data storage security?

An important question to ask in a data storage security project is whether the client expects to outsource security once the project ends. Learn how to tap a potentially large market of SMB clients needing managed data security services.

How will you handle ongoing data storage security?

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Ryk Edelstein is the founder and director of operations of Converge Net Inc., a Montreal-based network services provider specializing in data loss prevention, risk and vulnerability management, and automated policy violation detection and protection. He has held various roles for a number of IT services companies since 1981. Click to download his data storage security FAQ podcast.

This is subjective to each client's environment. With dwindling IT budgets, IT staff are frequently being asked to do more with less. Adding one more management console in most cases may not be an option. Intelligent data storage security solutions with centralized management interfaces can be a source of recurring revenue for the VAR to provide managed security services.

Despite the surge in large service providers entering the managed services arena, these big fish are not building niche market solutions and typically don't feed on small opportunities. A VAR that has established an effective managed services solution addressing specific client storage security needs can build their own market. Developing a focus in the SMB sector can be a perfect fit, as IT resources in this sector typically focus at the server, workstation and application level and have little or limited in-house network and security support.

When properly deployed, the management of most security services can be effectively implemented without exposing internal data flows to the service provider through techniques like management-level subnets.

This was last published in March 2008

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