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How will you assume data storage security duties?

Your client's data storage security concerns don't end when you produce your deliverables and pack up your laptop. Learn why it's important to walk clients through the assumption of responsibilities for data storage security once the project ends.

Q: What are your expectations for deployment and knowledge transfer in the data storage security project?

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Ryk Edelstein is the founder and director of operations of Converge Net Inc., a Montreal-based network services provider specializing in data loss prevention, risk and vulnerability management, and automated policy violation detection and protection. He has held various roles for a number of IT services companies since 1981. Click to download his data storage security FAQ podcast.

Who is responsible for the deployment of the data storage security solution? How does the client envision the installation, and at what point do they expect knowledge transfer?

The reality is that data storage security technologies require deployment by experienced staff. For the very same reasons that one should not be their own lawyer, or practice self-dentistry, or self-surgery, you want to be sure that the people planning and deploying the project have the necessary expertise. Often the best knowledge transfer can be acquired during the planning and deployment stages by assigning internal resources to work alongside the specialists through the process.

The prospect of sending the clients security or support resources for training, and then letting them loose on a new installation, or expecting them to open a box and deploy, will net disastrous results. A lack of familiarity with the translation of data storage security policy to the necessary configuration parameters with the technology may leave unprotected gaps in the deployed security policy.

This was last published in March 2008

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