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How will the new management platform affect your current security monitoring processes?

Before introducing a new management platform, it's important to understand the current internal security monitoring and response processes. Learn why it's important to deduce what, if any, effects the new services will have on the existing processes.

What are your current internal security monitoring and response processes, and how will the processes be changed by the addition of the new management platform and managed security services?

About the Author
Dr. Paul Rohmeyer is a faculty member at Stevens Institute of Technology, an independent security consultant focusing on enterprise IT risk management, and a frequent speaker at security and audit industry events. He has advised numerous financial, telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies in the development of secure network architectures.

The reporting challenge is not trivial, but don't lose sight of the bigger picture -- your customer is installing software and subscribing to you, an MSSP in order to improve their security posture. The key question, therefore, is how can you help your customer create new analysis and response processes in order to leverage their investment? The creation of a consolidated, analyzed data set that may indicate a network threat condition is worthless if your customer is not organized to effectively use the data and respond to the threat.

Subscribing to an MSSP should not be considered "outsourced security." They need to recognize that they are outsourcing the mundane and time consuming process of analyzing large volumes of data. Once you notify your customer that you have found the needle in the haystack and that they may have a problem, the responsibility is theirs to respond to. But to be a good MSSP, you want to make sure that your customer's network is safe. Guarantee that by helping them come up with a response plan.

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