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How will the network be affected by performance management technology?

Network performance management technologies can affect different areas of the client's network depending on the technology selected and where it's deployed in the network. A solution provider must understand the implications or adverse side effects of each available technology in order to select the best fit for each unique project.

What pieces of the network will be affected by the performance management technology?

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It can vary depending on the particular technology that you're working with. For example, an appliance-based solution may only need a simple interface, but it may involve the client's switch, firewall, WAN connection, router and so on. When choosing a network performance management technology, be sure to consider its primary network impact at the point of installation, but also consider secondary effects on other areas of the network. You don't want to choose a solution to accelerate a core application if that solution will effectively slow down the remainder of the network or impair other applications.

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