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How will high-performance NAS changes affect your business model?

IT solution providers must understand how predicted changes in high-performance NAS technology will influence their business and business model over the coming years.

How do changes in high-performance NAS affect your business and business model, and how do you plan to respond?

It's important for any solution provider to listen to their clients and match their needs to the available technologies, and also understand the vendor's roadmaps so see where products and features are headed into the future. As the demand for high-performance NAS ramps up, we're seeing our business grow. We're also learning more about high-performance NAS deployment, and finding new ways to leverage that storage technology for the client that will serve them for years.

About the author
Jason Sparks is VP of storage and systems at Xiologix. Listen to more from Jason in our high-performance NAS podcast

This was last published in August 2008

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