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How to guarantee customer satisfaction after a security assessment?

After a security site assessment, you should perform quality assurance tasks to ensure customer satisfaction. Find out how service providers can guarantee this satisfaction from their customers and future customers.

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Joel Scambray has held diverse roles in information security over a dozen years, including co-author of Hacking Exposed: Windows and Hacking Exposed: Web Applications, senior director of security at Microsoft, co-founder of security technology and service company Foundstone, senior security consultant for Ernst & Young and internationally recognized speaker in both public and private forums. Listen to the supplemental podcast with Joel for more information on security site assessments.

Peer/manager review for any deliverables, post-mortems of any incidents, customer results briefings, and relationship extension/management processes should all be executed before the end of the engagement. Security assessments can sometimes become "fire and forget" (especially if they are conducted remotely), so the consultant often has to drive face time and gauge satisfaction through formal mechanisms. Tools like customer satisfaction surveys can help increase customer retention and drive improvements into the service.

This was last published in May 2008

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