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How should a vendor partner program complement the channel partner's core business?

When choosing a vendor partner program, it's crucial to make sure that it complements, and doesn't conflict with, your core business. The idea in adding vendor partners is not to replace a service provider's core offerings or add extra staff.

Q: How should a vendor partner program complement the channel partner's core business?

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Angela Vines is co-founder and vice president for partner services at ServiceKey, an independent provider of hardware service and maintenance for mid-range servers, networking and storage equipment based in Norcross, Ga. She has 18 years of channel development and management experience with hardware and services. Download her entire podcast on vendor partner programs.

 A complementary offering will be a vendor partner program that the channel partner can extend immediately to their existing customer base. This is obviously going to shorten the sales cycle, and the channel partner is going to see an expedited return on investment.

To augment their business, the channel partner should consider what partner options are going to enhance their business versus replacing their current offering. They have a customer base, they have had successes with their customers. So augment instead of replacing, without adding resources and staff.

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This was last published in March 2008

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