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How long do you expect the data storage security solution to last?

An often-overlooked question in data storage security projects is how long the client expects to use the new solution before it needs updating. Given the pace of technological change, updates in data storage security systems may be needed sooner rather than later.

Q: What are your expectations for the lifespan of the data storage security solution?

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Ryk Edelstein is the founder and director of operations of Converge Net Inc., a Montreal-based network services provider specializing in data loss prevention, risk and vulnerability management, and automated policy violation detection and protection. He has held various roles for a number of IT services companies since 1981. Click to download his data storage security FAQ podcast.

The data storage security solutions we implement today to protect our clients' digital assets will not be the same as what their needs will be tomorrow. As an IT environment evolves and with changes in security practices to keep up with the evolution of threat, any technology we implement today will have a finite lifespan defined by how long it can be adapted or reconfigured to meet the present threat.

Technologies built on broad concepts such as encryption, access control and transmission restrictions can adapt with these changes. Point solutions that address specific or limited threat may not go the distance.

This was last published in March 2008

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