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How do I measure the results of lead management?

Lead management results can mark the difference between a company's success and failure. Learn from an expert how to measure lead management results.

It's something that is continually evolving. We use a CRM system that helps us track leads and customers, which is extremely helpful. So we can log into it and look into each customer and see what they're asking for and see what their needs are.

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Jay Uribe is the co-founder of Mobius Partners, an enterprise VAR based in San Antonio. Listen to the rest of Jay's answers on lead management by downloading our lead management podcast.

We also regularly look back at our campaigns and identify which have been the most successful. We're able to do this [by] tracking emails and things like that.

I can't stress enough the importance of goal setting. Each year we set measurable goals, and we review them continually to make sure we're moving toward reaching them.

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