How can managed services increase solutions and services sales?

As a trusted advisor to your customer, you can sell more solutions and services by recognizing business opportunities in your customers' network. Find out how offering managed services can take you to the role of trusted advisor for your customer.

How can the delivery of managed services increase additional service and solutions sales?

Once the managed service provider (MSP) has fully implemented their managed services tools, technology, processes and procedures and quieted the noise in their customer networks, they have the opportunity to show value as a trusted advisor.

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Managed services expert Erick Simpson is the vice president and CIO of Intelligent Enterprise and MSP University. An acclaimed speaker and trainer, Erick has authored The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice: What Every SMB IT Service Provider Should Know and MSP University's The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing Book Ever! Erick's prior experience includes overseeing the design, development and implementation of enterprise-level help desks and call centers for Fortune 1000 organizations.

In this role, the MSP will carefully and regularly review the reports for the remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution and service desk to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and productivity for customers. The first 90 days of service for a new customer set the stage for the relationship and further business opportunities. A thorough analysis of reports on all hardware, services and network response time and general operation in the environment will uncover up-sell and/or cross-sell opportunities.

Once these immediate issues are addressed, the MSP as the trusted advisor will begin evaluating their customers' environments more thoroughly over time and conduct quarterly business reviews. This allows MSPs to align themselves more closely with their customers' needs and identify additional products, services and solutions that can increase their efficiencies and productivity, while also alleviating business pain and risk.

As the trusted advisor, the MSP will increase the trust and loyalty of their customers over time, allowing them to sell these additional services and solutions and increasing their revenue.

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